Tmux session shortcuts

Tmux is awesome. But the session management commands are way too long for my liking. Listing all sessions is tmux list-sessions, attaching to a session mysession is tmux attach -t mysession, etc.

So I created a few functions and aliases, which can be found here.

The general idea is, all commands start with mx, which is basically a shortcut for ‘tMuX’. So mxl is to ‘l'ist tmux sessions, mxa is to ‘a'ttach to a tmux session, etc.

List all running tmux sessions

r@rushi:~$ mxl
0: 4 windows (created Sun Jan 10 17:14:11 2016) [89x23] (attached)

You can see one tmux session. Let's create another tmux session with name dev.

mx dev

List all sessions now

r@rushi:~$ mxl
0: 4 windows (created Sun Jan 10 17:14:11 2016) [89x23] (attached)
dev: 1 windows (created Sun Jan 10 17:59:30 2016) [89x23] (attached)

To attach to session with name dev:

mxa dev

You can also omit session name, and it will attach to the last session you attached to.

If there was no session with name dev2, and you type this:

mxa dev2

It will automatically create a session for you and attach you to it.

To detach:


I find this mxd to be easier to type than both CTRL`+`d and tmux detach.


You just need to copy the content in the above referenced link to ~/.bashrc file and from a new terminal session things will be ready for you to use :)


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