Testing the new blog

This is a test blog, just to check out some of the basic functionalities of MarkDown. Visit the MarkDown source of this blog post here to understand the simplicity with which a post can be written using MarkDown!

This is a subheading

And below is an example of H1 heading in the main text

THE heading

And below is sub-subheading

The H3 heading

Trying a smaller heading:

The sub sub subheading

Following is a block of syntax-highlighted python code.

def factorial(number):
    answer = 1
    for counter in range(1, number+1):
        answer *= counter
    return answer

To write a monospace block, enclose it in backticks. An example would be a directory location: /home/rushi/Desktop/ is where the files on my desktop reside.

Here is an embedded image:

{% img http://rushiagr.github.com/images/bird_32_gray.png %}

Thank you!