Hello! I am Rushi Agrawal, and I help companies succeed by creating great software.

I work as a software consultant and engineering lead at a startup. I code primarily in Python and shell scripts. I have brought two products of that startup to launch as a core engineer.

I created and contributed to a few open source projects too. Also, in my previous employment, I was the chief engineer for developing relational database service for their infrastructure cloud.

Following are the consulting services I provide to my clients:

Engineering: I write code from day one to tackle your tough problems. I have written code for developing ReST APIs for about a dozen different projects. I also have written front-end for five projects, four of them in web technologies and one in Android.

Mentorship and code review: I help developers reach their full productivity by removing obstacles in their path and by empowering them with the resources and guidance they need.

Architecture: I design architecture based on your requirements, with an eye on future scope of expansion of work as well as human resources. I make sure software quality is high regardless of the duration or value of the project. For example, depending upon your scale, I will tell you if a non-relational database is a better fit for your team, not only in terms of scaling but also in terms of different failure modes it introduces and operational cost of that database.

I have deep interest in distributed systems, especially distributed databases. However, I still think that a vast majority of engineering problems in this world can be solved by existing relational databases like PostgreSQL.

I graduated from IIT Hyderabad in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Before that, I did my schooling from my hometown Shegaon near Nagpur.

When not thinking about software, I watch and read about cricket. I also have interest in social welfare and philanthrophy.

Contact me via email at rushi.agr@gmail.com, or via phone at +91 99-4518-4519.

Thank you for your time.